[Samba] SAMBA Server

Neal Lawson nolawso at ilstu.edu
Mon Apr 21 16:47:02 GMT 2003

Well a you may want to look in to EVMS, evms will allow you to take a 
snapshot of a file system and allow you to backup that snapshot while 
allowing users access to thier data ...

Kevin Smith wrote:

>I was wondering is  there a way to block client connections to a Samba
>server. Id like to do this so I can backup my samba files on a cdrom where
>the r/w is on the a client machine. I want it to use the full bandwidth
>while doing this so I don't end up with coasters. I know I could use the
>firewall to block it. Just a thought, is I change the Hosts Allowed in
>smb.conf to the IP of the backup machine hmm. Anyway any other suggestions
>are welcome. 

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