[Samba] SAMBA Server

Greg Miller gmiller at eccbm.com
Mon Apr 21 14:20:58 GMT 2003

First off if the cd-drive has burn-proof technology then you will never
get a coaster.  Second how many users access this server at any given
time?  If you are using it during the day then by blocking users they
wont be able to connect to it (duh) and if you do the backup after hours
then there shouldn't be anybody on the server anyways correct? 

Anyways I think all you need to do is set the host allow =
computer_with_cd_burners_ip then restart samba.  Should work.  

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I was wondering is  there a way to block client connections to a Samba
server. Id like to do this so I can backup my samba files on a cdrom
the r/w is on the a client machine. I want it to use the full bandwidth
while doing this so I don't end up with coasters. I know I could use the
firewall to block it. Just a thought, is I change the Hosts Allowed in
smb.conf to the IP of the backup machine hmm. Anyway any other
are welcome. 


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