[Samba] Lost Win2k profiles in Samba PDC

Cyril Y. Nickonorov cyril at imvs.ru
Mon Apr 21 14:34:55 GMT 2003

Hello to all!

I've recently installed Samba PDC for a group of Win98 and Win2k
machines and configured it to use roaming profiles. For some
time everything went ok but suddenly several machines failed
to find users' profiles. Some failed to authorize with the domain
with the message like "The machine trust account for this computer
either does not exist or is not accessible". But smbpasswd and
passwd records are in place, the machine joined the domain
successfully and everything worked for several days. All problems
occure only with win2k systems, win98 are ok.

Who can point me to the problem's root?

Thanks beforehand,

P.S. Samba is 2.2.7 running on Solaris 8 Sparc system.

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