[Samba] Shell script execution?

Augis ejs at delfi.lt
Sat Apr 19 19:53:01 GMT 2003

[18 Apr 2003], <Michael G. Noble> :

> You would have to install a micosoft version of ssh, I do not
> beleive that one comes with any version of Windows.

Well, search Google for PuTTY. 
I do not trust M$ implementations of security software.

> > is there a way to execute a shell script on the samba server from a
> > windows client via Samba?

Another question is how to catch domain logon and logoff events?

I'm managing a university class for CAD design. Only some users are 
allowed to use Internet connection. I can triger it using 'root preexec' 
and 'root preexec close' options, setting apropriate masquerading via 
iptables. But Samba drops the connection in some cases, and 'root preexec 
close' script is executed. It drops connetion ;) 

So, can domain logon and domain logoff events be catched in Samba 2.2.x 
or Samba 3.x ?

 Eugenijus Januskevicius
 system admin at Faculty of Architecture, 
 Vilnius Gediminas Technical Univercity, Ltihuania

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