[Samba] profiles for win98 + xp in same dir under home dir?

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Fri Apr 18 19:31:51 GMT 2003

On 18 Apr 03, at 21:32, Coreix Systems - Unix - Linux wrote:

> Are you using "roaming profiles"..?

Yes normally, except on one xp pro machine. Why does running 
roaming profiles help or worsen the impact of having one's profiles 
under the homedir?

> I would include the following options in your smb.conf
>   keep alive = 160
>   dead time = 240
> Set the "number_of_seconds" to your need's, Do some reading about
> them in you smbd man_pages...

Thanks. I have put that in and will see what happens. But I was 
under the impression that the former smbd were never zombies 
.... they somewhow kept "working" for days and for users that 
had long since logged off those clients, as if win xp wasn't 
clsoing all it's connections to the home drive when a user logs 
out of a client and even apparently maintaining that connection 
past the time new users log in to that client.

> Secondly, What you could do is to simply write a small Perl or even
> bash_script to run from cron every 5min's or so to look at processes
> and check the smbd ones status and if "zombie" then kill -9
> "that_PID". You could also use substrates output to make your
> process activity checking even better...

I guess I mislead you with my language in the initial post. I used 
the word "stale" connections... well I used that as in "should have 
been closed a long time ago", but asfar as ps goes they were 
still alive and kicking ;-(

Urs Rau
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> dir under home dir? { { {Does the following setup have any chance of
> ever working without to many {problems? { {Our mix of ~ 40
> workstations (win98se & xp pro) get the home drive {mapped in the
> netlogon script when connecting into the domain {for win9x {net use
> h: \\linux\homes { {for win xp {net use h: \\linux\homes
> /persistent:no { {relevant sections of our redhat 7.3 w/ samba 2.2.8
> smb.conf are: { {[global] { {;; server name {netbios name = LINUX {
> {;; we have win xp home as well that can't login to domain {security
> = user { {domain admin group=@domadm { {;; {;; Support for
> NT/2000/XP {;;   Note: registry changes may still be necessary {;;
> {add user script = /usr/sbin/useradd -d /dev/null -g 100 -s
> /bin/false -M %u { {;; {;; Support for Roaming Profiles {;; {logon
> drive=z: {logon home=\\%L\%u\profile {logon path=\\%L\%u\profile {
> {;; {;;  Domain logon support: {;; {domain logons=yes {logon
> script=logon.bat {domain master=yes {preferred master=yes { {[homes]
> {comment=Your home directory { {[netlogon]
> {path=/usr/local/samba/netlogon {comment=Domain logon service
> {browseable=no {read only=yes {write list=root { {We have multiple
> users loging, one after the other throughout the day, {from the same
> workstations into the domain, but those same users also
> {occasionally login from the "other OS". (meaning even if their
> normal {machine is win xp pro, they might occasionally logon using a
> win98 machine) {BUT according to "smbstatus -b" we appear to be
> having a number of {"ghost" smbd sessions after running this setup
> for a few days. It {appears as if the workstations keep connections
> to the server open even {if those users have already logged of the
> machine and another user (or {users) have since logged in from that
> machine. And after about 3 days {everything comes to a crawl and we
> have to restart the samba server and {that on a dual p4 2.4GHz with
> 1GB ram but only around 40 users or so on {it at any time. { {Is the
> way we have setup our profile share being under the users home {dir
> contributing to the problems we have? The samba 2.2 PDC FAQ made me
> {think that, but I am not sure I understood it correctly. { {Any
> suggestions corrections instructions pointers or insults gladly
> {received. { {Thanks. { {-- {Urs Rau { { { { { { { {-- {To
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