[Samba] nmbd woes (still)

James list_mail at softhome.net
Sun Apr 20 14:09:06 GMT 2003

Hi John,

I'm not trying to be a critical or even complain, but since you asked you
must at a minimum be watching this (now aged thread).

My specific problem with the nmbd documentation is that it's relationship to
configuration options in the smb.conf file are not well documented/clear.

For example:

I am having difficulty in that my samba host is not appearing in my network
neighbourhood workgroup.  I can clearly see that nmbd is running with
appropriate options as a daemon.  I have certain assumptions about a system
in this state one of them is if it's running (nmbd) it should be working
assuming my configuration is correct.  This was not the case so my next
assumption was that I had misconfigured nmbd in the smb.conf file.

The first question I ask myself then is, what is the minimum configuration
required to make nmbd work.  The nmbd manpage
doesn't tell me this, neither does the smb.conf manpage.  I would like to
see such information documented somewhere clearly and out of the context of
smbd (for nmbd) and vice versa for smbd.

Anyway, I'm still experiencing this problem and if I knew for certain that
my minimum configuration was correct I could at least start to point my
finger at other causes.  Of course I have already tried to do this but have
not been successful thus
bringing me back to possibly broken configuration or broken binary.



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> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Matthew Western wrote:
> > >  I wish nmbd was
> > >more thoroughly
> > >documented.  The manpage offers no help.
> >
> > me too.  i believe that version 3 of samba has replication between
> > as one of the new features, lets hope that it has a decent stack of docs
> > a new 'feature'.  :)
> As the samba-team person who is working on updating our documentation I'd
> appreciate a little more information that helps me to understand exactly
> what you believe you would like to see.
> Should I understand that you have checked the latest
> Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf file that is in the current SAMBA_3_0 CVS tree
> branch?
> Your feedback on this document while I am updating it is much more
> helpful than criticism after samba-3.0.0 ships. If you can see opportunity
> for improvement then I need that information now. Better still, give me
> documentation updates for review for inclusion - we welcome any
> information that you believe may help answer someone else's questions.
> After all, samba is a community effort.
> - John T.
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