[Samba] serving a share to two NT-domains at once

Julius smb at jult.net
Sat Apr 19 17:48:28 GMT 2003


Somewhere at work I have a smb server running in a (closed) LAN,
and it's serving mostly public files (all files need to be
read/write-able without authentication etc.).

There are two separate Windows NT Workgroups (domains)
on/in the same LAN. Currently the smb server is serving
files only for 1 of the 2 workgroup-domains.
I'd like to have one shared folder accessable
to and for both workgroups/domains at the same time
(without password authentication from any of the two domains).

Is this possible, and if so, how do I get that done in smb.conf?
I have searched everywhere for this, but could not find it.

Circumstances force me to not merge the two domains
(so that I would have only one workgroup/domain on this LAN)
otherwise I wouldn't be asking about this of course.. ;)

Thanks in advance,


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