[Samba] AppleTalk(netatalk)+Samba

Philip Edelbrock phil at netroedge.com
Thu Apr 17 16:42:01 GMT 2003

You might want to check out the Baltra patches for Netatalk which 
specificly allow Macs to retain resource fork and other meta information 
when (OS-X) Macs connect via SMB, NFS, FTP, direct mount, etc. instead 
of AFP.


Essentially the patch changes how Netatalk stores files on the server to 
use the method Apple uses instead of Netatalk's arbitrary scheme.  It 
makes portability and access of the files more flexible as well as not 
forcing you (the admin) to depend upon Netatalk as the sole means of 
accessing them.  This is good since OS-X Macs seem to cope better 
talking with Samba 3.0 than to Netatalk.  To OS-9 clients, there is no 
perceived difference when they connect to the file server in the usual 
AFP method.

I hope this helps!


John H Terpstra wrote:

>On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Troy.A Johnson wrote:
>>I also use the two together, but I also want to
>>hear any pointers given (and if they are not too
>>Netatalk-centric, the list might benefit from them
>Ok. I will reply to list when I get feedback from the original poster.
>- John T.

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