[Samba] multiple machines cannot access the Windows 2000 PDC

Thu Apr 17 14:47:31 GMT 2003

I have 3 machines 2 UNIX Solaris 8 & 9 and a linux redhat 8 machine that 
can not connect to the Windows PDC using security = domain. 
I am running 2.2.3 on the UNIX machines and 2.2.7 on the Linux machine. 

All of the machines are success member of the Windows domain or at least 
they showup on the PDC as computers, however when I search for the 
computer on windows it says that the machine is unknown. 

smbpasswd -j Domain -r PDC -U admin
All the users have accounts on both the Windows and UNIX machines.  What 
am I doing wrong?

Mathew Spurgeon
mspurgeon at lilly.com

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