[Samba] Re: Files Show in Windows but not on the Red Hat server

John Broadhead it at americanconsultants.com
Wed Apr 16 22:28:51 GMT 2003

"David Nickel" <dnickel at aug.edu> wrote in message
news:005401c30426$3704b6b0$b501e086 at csvdln...
> *I just recently migrated our web server to Red Hat 8.0 running Samba
> from FreeBSD 4.2 running Samba 2.2.3a.
> In windows, a user copy or moves files to there home directory on the
> running samba. The file seems to copy or move fine (It is visible when
> accessing the share from explorer), but if I telnet to the server the file
> is not in the user's home directory. I have tailed the samba and messages
> log and there are no errors during the transfer. They can close out their
> explorer window and reconnect to there share and the file is still
> Any information would be much appreciated.

Because the files aren't disappearing when disconnecting from the server, it
is logical to assume that they are being stored on the Redhat server
somewhere, just not where you are expecting them to be. My guess is that
either some other directory is being connected as your home directory, or
that you are saving the file unknowingly to the Windows computer.

I would suggest to create a uniquely named file in someone's home directory
from inside of Windows. Then telnet into your redhat server and as root,

find / -name uniquename

Where uniquename is the name of the file you created. If the file is on the
server at all, it should print out the file's full path and name. Remember
that file names are case sensitive under Linux and that this command might
take a few minutes to complete. Please let me know if this works.


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