[Samba] smbmount and unicode signs

Sven Schwengel svs at rsnetworx.de
Wed Apr 16 18:57:39 GMT 2003


I have a problem with mounting a w2k share to a linux box for do a
backup with rsync. The files in the mounted w2k share have sometimes
unicode signs like the € sign or other symbols and german umlaut. I try
samba 3.0. 
If I copy the files from the win box to a samba share, the files name is
shown correct and in a linux terminal you see that they are successfully

May be I want to mount a w2k share. But in the mounted share the
characters are displayed with '?'. If I mount with option
iocharset=utf8,codepage=cp850, only the german umlaut are displayed
right. But not the euro charcter or some other symbols.

If I use smbclient with option -t utf8, I see the files with the right
characters, but I can´t fetch them with mget or get.

The next step I try is to run rsync on the win box, in hope that the
characters are than also right converted like a copy to a smb share from
the win box.

I hope anybody can help me !!

Regards sven  

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