[Samba] smbmount often doesn't go daemon

Jan Houtsma jan at houtsma.net
Wed Apr 16 23:10:38 GMT 2003

Since i upgraded to Linux Redhat 9.0 / samba-2.2.7a-8.9.0 / kernel 2.4.20-9 
i have the following problem:
# smbmount //amd/Films /mnt/disk -o username=jan,password=XXXXXX
In 50% of the times i do this command it mounts the share and goes into
daemon mode and ps -aux shows one process smbmount. All ok.
However in the other 50% the command just hangs. If i open a new window 
it did do the mount (i can do ls in /mnt/dsk and see the files). But
doesn't return me to the linux prompt. When i do 'ps auxf' i see two
processes of which the second one is a child of the first one.
I can do CTRL-C here in the first window and stop that smbmount and it
leaves o n e smbmount process.
When i add the option debug=10 for example, the output is exactly the same
the time it hangs and when not (last line is '10585: tconx ok'). But in half
of the
cases it doesn't return to the linux prompt and just hangs there idle until
i press
I have this same behaviour on two different machines with the same RH

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