[Samba] Re: net use H: /home does not work

Jerry Lynde jlynde at diligence.com
Tue Apr 15 22:57:39 GMT 2003

Our setup here has the following in smb.conf...

         comment = Home Directories
         username = %S
         writeable = Yes
         create mask = 0744
         force create mode = 0775
         directory mask = 0750
         browseable = No

Slightly different from what you have. The command we use to connect to the 
shares is 'net use H: //$hostname/$username' where $hostname = the *NIX 
machine with samba running and $username is the *NIX username. Works like a 
charm. You may want to try something similar.


At 04:44 PM 4/15/2003, cisco wrote:
>I don't have a home defined for each user. Samba allows you to create a 
>HOMES share that is generic for all users on the system and supposedly if 
>you have in your logon script 'net use H: /home' and you have the global 
>parameter 'logon drive = H' it's all supposed work magically and each user 
>will see their home directory mapped using their logon id.
>Tom.Williams at diversifiedsoftware.com wrote:
>>I've got Samba installed on AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris servers.  I have
>>"Homes" configured on each of them and when we map drives from Windows, we
>>map the user's home directory directly:
>>net use H: \\{server}\tom
>>and "tom" is my Unix login id and the name of my home directory on that
>>Are your Windows IDs different from the defined Unix account names?
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>>That was already set correctly. It still does not work.
>>Greg Miller wrote:
>>>Try this:
>>>Login to swat and go to globals and select advanced view.  Scroll down
>>>to the Login Options section and set the logon drive to H:
>>>If you don't use swat add logon drive = H: to the samba conf in the
>>>global section.
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>>>The latest Orielly book Using SAMBA 2nd edition says that after you have
>>>created a homes share that adding this line to your logon.bat file the
>>>user's home directory will be mapped and it will be called their user
>>>name. Well the logon.bat script gets an error on this line saying that
>>>it is not the proper use of the net use command. So instead I changed
>>>the command to net use H: \\pts3\homes and that works except the name
>>>that displays on the mapped drive is homes - not the user's logon name.
>>>How do I make this work properly?
>>>Here is the definition of my homes share:
>>>           comment = Home Directories exported for users
>>>           path = %H
>>>           valid users = %S
>>>           read only = No
>>>           create mask = 0600
>>>           directory mask = 0700
>>>           browseable = No
>>>John Francisco
>>>University of Arizona
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