[Samba] eDirectory 8.7 and sambaAccount

Bruno Gimenes Pereti pereti at ump.edu.br
Tue Apr 15 13:59:26 GMT 2003

Hi Casper,

This error is probably because the original schema is wrong. Rolf Offermanns
and Stefan Völkel fixed it but I think it was not added to the CVS yet. I´m
sending the new one attached.

It may be a typo but you wrote "ldap fileter", this could be the problem.
What testparm shows?
I´m using samba-2.2.8 and Edirectory 8.7, my smb.conf have:

ldap filter = (&(uid=%u)(objectclass=sambaAccount))

and that is exactly what I get in my logs: "searching for:
[(&(uid=%pereti)(objectclass="sambaAccount))]". I don´t know how to use
ndstrace so I can´t tell what it shows.

Jerry, I think this file could be update in the CVS.

Bruno Pereti.

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Subject: [Samba] eDirectory 8.7 and sambaAccount

> I'm having a problem adding a password to users. I get "NDS error: no
> additional information available (-306) when I use smbpasswd.
> Also I can see in ndstrace that the search string is
> (&(objectClass=sambaAccount)(uid=WORKGROUP/test)) and not
> (&(objectClass=sambaAccount)(uid=test)).
> I have "ldap fileter = (&(cn=%u)(objectClass=sambaAccount)) in my
> Another thing I can see is that lmPassword and ntPassword are integers,
> which give me an invalid syntax if I add the password's through an ldif
> file.
> Regards/Casper

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