[Samba] couple of questions about 3.0 alpha

Michel Gallant support at mindsweep.ca
Tue Apr 15 13:42:12 GMT 2003

Hi there,
Sorry to possibly rehash stuff that's already been answered, I'm new to the list.  I've recently installed 3.0alpha23-0 because of it's superior group mapping (over 2.2).  I'm running a PDC on Debian Woody.  I'm also using the tdb backend as ldap is too big a bite to chew for me for now.  Things are working well for basic shares, but I want to get into setting ACLs.  I have a 2.4.20 kernel built with xfs acl support and nt acl support = yes.  When I view the permissions of a file through Windows, it seems to ignore the xfs acls and just display the standard Unix permissions.  ACLs are however observed, just not displayed in the security tab for a file under windows.  I can also set permissions through the security tab that would just require chmodding the file, but anything that would require ACLs throws an "Access Denied" error.  Is this normal for this alpha release?

My other question is regarding the "valid users" clause in a share.  I'm trying to create a share for the accountants.  I've created a unix group called smb_act and mapped it to a NT group with "smbgroupedit -a smb_act -td"  I would like this share to just be accessible by this group.  I've seen examples that stated something like "valid users = @smb_act".  When I add this to the share definition, noone has access, including the members of that group.  I've even tried adding my own user to the list of valid users, still no go.  Is it better to just control things with unix permissions and acls in this case?

Sorry for the likely redundant questions, documentation is obviously a little behind, but this release seems awesome!

Thanks for the help in advance.

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