[Samba] Help with SMB permissions problems?

Saul Good freeradical at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 22:11:25 GMT 2003

I compiled a new binary on OS X and now it I'm having a few problems.  
Everything is working just fine including SWAT, but now I have 
permission errors:


I didn't change a thing in my smb.conf, just updated the SMB binaries, 
so what might be wrong this time?  BTW, I symlinked all the new 
binaries to their default locations and renamed the originals *.bak.

It seems i'm having permission problems:

[2003/04/14 13:51:37, 0] lib/util_sec.c:assert_gid(111)
   Failed to set gid privileges to (0,99) now set to (99,99) uid=(0,0)
[2003/04/14 13:51:37, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1094)
   PANIC: failed to set gid

Here is my smb.conf

client code page = 437
coding system = utf8
veto files = /Temporary Items/Desktop 
*/TheFindByContentFolder/TheVolumeSettingsFolder/Network */
message command = tcsh -c 
'/Applications/Popup.app/Contents/Resources/getmessage %s %m %f;rm %s' &
netbios name = Vegeta
server string = Macintosh
workgroup = COMCAST
map to guest = Bad User
encrypt passwords = yes
guest account = unknown
printing = cups

path = /Volumes/Fatbrain/Users/Guest
read only = No
guest ok = Yes
comment = General Bullshit

comment = MP3s Here
read only = No
guest ok = Yes
path = /Volumes/Fatbrain/MP3 Studio

comment = Pictures and Videos
path = /Volumes/Fatbrain/Users/darkelf/pics
read only = No
guest ok = Yes 

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