[Samba] Continual lib/access.c:check_access - what's it mean?

Mike McCandless michael at prismbiz.com
Sat Apr 12 21:07:11 GMT 2003

When I look at the log file for a particular user, I see the following,
about every 11-12 minutes.  The only thing I'm using my Samba server for
is acting as a master browser, and print server (with CUPS).  There are
no domain logons.

This activity in the log file keeps going well beyond when a print job
is complete.

[2003/04/12 15:27:25, 2, pid=948, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)]
  Allowed connection from  (

Why am I getting these messages after the print job is done?

Mike McCandless
michael at prismbiz.com
Red Hat Linux Certified Technician

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