[Samba] Difficulty with Samba 2.2.8 and native CUPS PS drivers

Thomas Urban soletan at toxa.de
Sat Apr 12 08:49:23 GMT 2003

Hi everyone,
yesterday I played a bit with configuring Samba 2.2.8a and CUPS 1.1.18
to get Win2k Pro installing drivers automatically by downloading them
from the server. First I had the same trouble about cupsaddsmb skipping
my printer by posting "No PPD file for printer ..." or similar. This was
because of CUPS server being configured to avoid access to the server
itself by the proper <Location>-tags in configuration file used Deny
from ...
The "Allow from" doesn't satisfy because the connection was
made as "hostname" with the server's IP, and this one was blocked, so
cupsaddsmb failed "silently".
Then after this trouble was found I still was unable to download some
drivers to windows. The client continued to say that the server doesn't
have proper drivers for download and offered to install one locally. I
tested another while without any success before I simply dropped the
CUPS-PS driver files from CUPS subdirectory, so on next call cupsaddsmb
would use the Adobe PS drivers instead to be installed into share
print$. Afterward everything was fine and I could go to bed after some
terrible hours of analysing ...
Maybe this helps in your case, too.
Thomas Urban

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