[Samba] MS authentification with white space

Ullrich Maenz ullrich at familie-maenz.de
Fri Apr 11 17:05:20 GMT 2003

Hi together,

with our first implementation of Samba running under Linux on s/390 we are 
running in problems because some of our users authentificate to the windows 
domain with their full name, i.e. "maenz ullrich". Logon to Samba services 
failed because user (and password) verification seems to stop at that 
whitespace without ignoring it - by the way, it's impossible to create an 
unix user with a whitespace in its name, and it's even difficult to create a 
username with more than 8 characters.

We solved that problem by adding 
	user map = /etc/samba/smbusers
	user level = 7
while our user map file looks like
	ullman = "maenz ullrich" 

So far, our solution works pretty good. However, if we want to add all users 
defined in that Windows domain, we need to maintain a smbusers file with 
approximately 500 entries.
In addition, there are some usernames similar (like: schmid, schmidt, 
schmitt...) - this is why we choose "user level = 7".

My question(s): is there anyone who'd run into a problem like this? Will it be 
helpful to use our Windows PDC as a password server. How can we automate 
creating a new user to this environment?

Many thanks for some ideas.
:-) Ulli

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Ullrich Maenz
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