[Samba] Samb and Ldap groups

Dariush Forouher dariush at forouher.de
Thu Apr 10 11:14:48 GMT 2003

Am Don, 2003-04-10 um 11.33 schrieb Kristyan Osborne:

> The problem now is if you run the command (from win2k) net 
> group it /domain (where 'it' is the group name) or try to open
> a group in user manager you do not get any listing of uers in that
> group. The error in windows is "Group name could not be found"

> Has anyone got any thoughts/suggestions on this??

Yepp, it seems to me that the group mapping part of samba is far away
from being completed. IMHO currently the only thing you can do is... to
run everything as root. :-(

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