[Samba] Samba PDC/Windows BDC

Kevin Smith ksmith at perfht.com
Wed Apr 9 18:20:51 GMT 2003

I have a RH 7.2 PDC which uses DHCP for 2 machines on the network. My Win9x
machine as a client/BDC just in case and uses a static IP. If the PDC goes
down. I have to put in or take out the PDC's gateway IP and was wondering if
there was a way to get ONLY the info I need from DHCP to the Win machine. To
attempt to clarify,  when the PDC is up, it will assign its gateway IP to
the BDC (since it is a client normally), if the server should go down, I'd
just renew the BDC's IP(winipcfg), activate the DHCP server on the BDC and
use it until the problem is PDC is back up(renewing the clients as well, of
If this is not possible with my setup, any suggestions will be investigated,
short of having to manually change the BDC. 

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