[Samba] Samba PDC/Windows BDC

David Chait davidc at bonair.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 9 18:41:24 GMT 2003

Well first of all Win9x has no ability to be a BDC in a NT4 type environment
such as yours, secondly you wont be able to replicate DHCP scopes between
the two platforms (even 2 windows machines have trouble with this). In order
to set up a back up DHCP box, create a completely new one using a different
IP scope with enough address space to cover your machines, and keep it
disabled until needed.

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> I have a RH 7.2 PDC which uses DHCP for 2 machines on the network. My
> machine as a client/BDC just in case and uses a static IP. If the PDC goes
> down. I have to put in or take out the PDC's gateway IP and was wondering
> there was a way to get ONLY the info I need from DHCP to the Win machine.
> attempt to clarify,  when the PDC is up, it will assign its gateway IP to
> the BDC (since it is a client normally), if the server should go down, I'd
> just renew the BDC's IP(winipcfg), activate the DHCP server on the BDC and
> use it until the problem is PDC is back up(renewing the clients as well,
> course).
> If this is not possible with my setup, any suggestions will be
> short of having to manually change the BDC.
> Kev


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