[Samba] Help with critical error

Brent Torrenga brent.torrenga at torrenga.com
Tue Apr 8 14:23:35 GMT 2003


I upgraded via RPMs (actually, I uninstalled 2.2.7, and then installed 2.2.8
because of the dependencies... Is there a better method to upgrading?) this
past weekend.

Monday, end of the day, the entire machine crashed. No unusual
circumstances, it sits there acting as a PDC on a Mandrake 7.2 Pentium 200
with 40MB of ram with not much else going on.

Suddenly the whole machine locks up, with a message like this printed on the

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0000fc3b
Process smbd (pid 18567, stackpage=c160f000)

...memory addresses, etc...

Kernel panic: Aieee, killing interrupt handler

Any ideas what the heck may have caused this? I sure don't want it to happen
again... My thought is that Linux ran out of memory (only 40MB physical, but
300MB of swap space). It did last 8 hours in full production use with 2.2.8,
so I am not sure that it is an issue with 2.2.8 over 2.2.7.

I rebooted, which took 3(???????) tries before LILO took charge. This is
especially worrisome. Why would it not boot straight away? Is the above
error possibly due to failing hardware?

Brent Torrenga
brent.torrenga at torrenga.com

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