[Samba] PDC and Clear passwords

Joost De Cock Joost.DeCock at astrid.be
Mon Apr 7 17:46:45 GMT 2003

Hi all,

In the pdc-howto that came with my samba 2-2.5 (on RedHat 8.0) it is stated 
clearly that encrypted passwords are a requirement for a PDC.
However I am trying to set up SAMBA as a PDC for a bunch of windows boxes that 
will authenticate on the stadrin pam module (www.stadrin.com) using Vasco otp 
For the pam module, it is a requirement that the passwords are sent in clear 

Futhermore, I have SAMBA set up as a PDC, I successfully joined the domain and 
I can login with my domain account. However, logon script doesn't run, and if 
I try to open a share, I get the username popup asking me to authenticate. 
Filling in the exact same stuff as the account I used to logon gets me 

1. Is is possible to do pam authentication with clear passwords om a PDC
2. Could it be that the continious password prompting is caused by the 
clear/encrypted story.

Thanks for all your feedback.


PS: I did the clear passwords registry hack, it didn't change anything.

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