[Samba] Samba and VFP pgm over Terminal Server - access rights?

Bob Hartung rwhart at netexpress.net
Mon Apr 7 17:10:45 GMT 2003

Hi all

I have a program that we need to use at my office.  It is written in Visual 
FoxPro and thus must run on a Win machine [there is no replacement 
available at this time that is Linux native].  I need to access it from a 
remote site over a fairly slow connection but the traffic volume will be 
very low.  I have placed the dbfs on a samba share.

When I am at the console from the machine offering Terminal Server I can 
access and run the program without any problem.  When I am remote I can 
access and run the program only if I move the dbfs back onto the machine 
offering Terminal Server. [access rights problem?]

 From the remote sight I can map the samba share to the local drive so the 
user does have access rights.  However, the way the program is written it 
is impractical to do this in production as it is not written as a thin 
client app.

When installing Terminal Services a user titles "TsInternetUser" was added 
and a group named "Terminal Service Users" was added to the Win2K machine 
hosting Term. Services.  Do I need to add this as a user (TsInternetUser) 
to the samba users list.  If so what Password would I use?  The login user 
or a special pwd for TsInternetUser?

Any help and enlightenment appreciated.



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