[Samba] Winbind problems & ads questions

Simon Putz simon.putz at t-online.de
Mon Apr 7 16:45:50 GMT 2003


i am using samba as a fileserver in a big company network, we are using NT4
PDCs and now migrating to W2K ADS *yuck*.
well the problem is that sometimes winbind just cant resolve usernames, it
will just use the username without any domain then and the user will fail
connecting to the share. getent passwd and wbinfo work fine with alpha22,
before i was using the stable debian package ( dont know the version
anymore) and getent passwd was NOT working for the users that didnt resolve.
this makes it even harder to debug now as i cant analyze the condition. any
idea what might be causing this?
also we are migrating to ADS structure and i just cant join the domain
i dont have (and wont get) administrator access to the main LDAP/KRB server,
so how can i add my machien to the realm, the machien account already
exists, i added it with some web interface thing . :)
if you need additional information, like debug output or configuration files
please tell me and i will try to get it tomorrow at work, and if any of my
questions is covered in some FAQ please tell me the URL because i didnt find
anything decent, all that faqs just say "net ads join" what is not solving
my problem :D



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