[Samba] windows RPC patch crashes my sambas

Clay Campbell c.campbell at usa.net
Fri Apr 4 02:42:56 GMT 2003

Hi gang,

I've been using Samba for years now.  Its great, but lately I've become aware
of the security issues it presents.  Currently I have a setup that uses the
securtiy = domain style authentication.  Basically a W2K server is used for as
the PDC.  But after applying the recent RPC denial of service patch to my 2K
server, my sambas can no longer use my 2K server to authenticate.

I'm afraid that this patch has tightened security over RPC specifically IPC$ 
to the point were samba is unable to auth against it ( this is backed up by
what I've seen from debugging level boosted up ).  At this point, I would like
to hear from people that confirm a similar problem, before giving out more
details, and what I've come up with so far.



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