[Samba] Re:smbclient 2.2.8 gives NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE --- SOLVED

Oliver Thieke oliver.devnull at gmx.net
Thu Apr 3 14:13:47 GMT 2003

Hi List and Tom,

I got it (fixed)...  For the benefits of
archive-searches in the future I provide
the solution.

Thanx Tom for your input !  You wrote:

 > You used:  domain\user
 > Under most normal (i.e., default) winbind
 > setups, you need to replace the \ with a +.
 > this is in smb.conf as
 >    winbind separator = +

In my case the "+" didn't work, since the
Domain/ADS is handled by a windblows ADS-Box
(not winbind)...

But today I found the solution within minutes:
The problem was caused by two interleaving

1.) As always in Samba I had to change from "\"
     to "/", hence the correct command is:

     /$PATH2BIN/smbclient $WSHARE $WPASS -U MYDOMAIN/domuser -d 2 -c "cd 
$WRDIR; dir"
2.) I looked too long at the same lines of code ;-).
     Today I figured out that I also used a wrong
     share name.... Gosh...

Thanx for your help !


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