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Wed Apr 2 15:20:06 GMT 2003

Le 29/03/2003 20:46, « James Wilford » <james at jwilford.co.uk> a écrit :

> Hi,
> I've got an annoying little problem with Samba and Win2k. I installed a Win2k
> Pro client on the network and set it to use plain text passwords and join the
> workgroup.
> The username and password of the user on the win2k box are the same as the
> account in /etc/passwd on the linux box. But after logging in, when trying to
> reconnect the mapped drives the windows box says:
> "Incorrect password or unknown username for: \\linuxbox\share"


*** Had the same problem. Life is too short to try and understand Win2k
brainstorms so this is what I did:

- Instruct user to hit "Esc" twice after login to get rid of the error

- Created a *.bat file which is in user "Start up" folder and which mounts
the shares automatically:

echo. "............................"
echo. ""
echo. "   Mounting Linux drives"
echo. ""
echo. "............................"
net use D: \\[server_name]\[share] [PASSWORD]

or this if you're connecting to a domain server

net use D: \\[server_name]\[share] /USER:[DOMAIN]\[DOMAIN_USER_NAME]

P.S. On one line!

Have fun.


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