[Samba] Does "active directory" support include policy support

Lasse Riis riis at braarup.dk
Tue Apr 1 10:26:50 GMT 2003

 >The workaround that I am using to solve this problem is done on each
 >client but it works.  I built the group policy settings I wanted on one
 >of the machines which is stored on the client machines under
 ><windows>\System32\GroupPolicy.  I made a copy of that directory and
 >then copy it onto the client machines that need the group policy
 >settings at build time.  A bit of a kludge, but it works like a charm.

Well making policies with gpedit.msc on the clients seem to enforce them 
for all users. I would like a setup where the strict policy is only 
applied for certain (one) users, so that admins still have complete 
control. Do I need a DC(Samba, Kerberos, LDAP, the works) for that....


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