[Samba] Samba - Windows XP permissions issue

Sally Walters Thomas swt at ds.adp.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 10:01:43 GMT 2003

: I have an XP client running office XP. This is sitting on an network along
with an IBM RS6000. The RS6000 has SAMBA installed and configured so that
the XP client can see the RS6000 as though it is a network device. The user
opens a template in Word 2002 which creates a mailmerge document using VBA.
The VBA code gets the name of the document and the location for both the
document and the data from a control item which it reads in. The document
itself is stored on the RS6000 in one directory and the data file is stored
in a seperate directory on the RS6000. The document is created and saved
without any problems. When it comes to editing the mail merge document we
get an error message which says "<File Name> is a mail merge main document.
Word cannot find its data source". I then click on "OK" and try to find the
data file. When I find the data file and click on it and open it we go back
to the box asking for me to locate the data source. If I try this on my own
machine running Windows '98 and Office XP the problem does not occur. If I
open a document which has been created on the first machine I still need to
locate the data source but when I select it the data source is attached and
I can carry on with the editing of the document. If I open a document
created on my machine on the first machine then again there isn't a problem.

Can you tell me if there is an issue with Samba and Windows XP regarding
File and Directory access permissions.


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