[Samba] VFS module programming

Joachim Förster mls.JOFT at gmx.de
Tue Apr 1 07:25:15 GMT 2003


I'm interested in VFS module programming. So I took the examples 
(doc/examples/VFS) and compiled them. Then I added a "vfs object" line to my 
smb.conf. I took the audit.so example.

Result: It does not work! I can't access the share. I enabled logging and 
found out that there is an error message, which says that samba could not 
load the VFS module, because there is something like an unresolved symbol 
called "default_vfs_ops".
default_vfs_ops is declared as "extern" in audit.c. And I found the "real" 
decleration of "default_vfs_ops" in the samba source files. So what?

Why isn't it found by the loader? It IS there! What's wrong?

Thank you,

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