[Samba] VFS module programming

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at nl.linux.org
Tue Apr 1 10:40:31 GMT 2003

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 09:25:15AM +0200, Joachim Förster wrote about '[Samba] VFS module programming':
> I'm interested in VFS module programming. So I took the examples 
> (doc/examples/VFS) and compiled them. Then I added a "vfs object" line to my 
> smb.conf. I took the audit.so example.

> Result: It does not work! I can't access the share. I enabled logging and 
> found out that there is an error message, which says that samba could not 
> load the VFS module, because there is something like an unresolved symbol 
> called "default_vfs_ops".
> default_vfs_ops is declared as "extern" in audit.c. And I found the "real" 
> decleration of "default_vfs_ops" in the samba source files. So what?

> Why isn't it found by the loader? It IS there! What's wrong?
What version of samba is this with ? I don't have any problems in


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