[Samba] What's the best method - probably simple

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Tue Apr 1 02:49:51 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 17:44, Jim Shaffer wrote:
> this might be the blind leading the blind, but I think "restarting" samba
> will simply cause it to reread the smb.conf.  It will not disconnect the
> users.

I think the smb.conf is re-read every 30 seconds or so, nothing needs to
be done. From my experience restarting Samba will disconnect the users
(really how could it be otherwise?), although most will silently
reconnect when the server comes back online. Those with active
operations, especially open database files (such as MSACCESS) will have
a great propensity toward damage generally resluting in repair
procedures to be undertaken.

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