[Samba] W9x print driver download problems with Samba 2.2.3a and CUPS

Adam Glasgall teferi at wmute.net
Sun Sep 29 18:09:00 GMT 2002

I've set up Samba and CUPS on our testing server here, and used
smbcupsadd to upload the Adobe PS drivers to the server as directed in
the HOWTO (The CUPS and Samba HOWTOs differ on this point, by the way -
the latter claims that PSMON.DLL is needed in addition to the eight
other files. I played it safe and had it upload that, too).
With the caveat that I first have to connect to each printer on a w2k
machine and select the driver from the list manually (driver is clearly
installed, just not associated with the printer - rpcclient setdriver
will probably do it, too, I guess), printing from win2k machines works
perfectly - drivers get autodownloaded and everything Just Works.

Win9x is another story altogether. It's clearly trying to get the
drivers from the server, but at the beginning of the process, it pops up
a box asking for a file whose name is one unprintable character -
Windows prints it as a bold vertical bar in the box. It IS looking in
the right place (\\<servername>\print$\win40\0), but, clearly, the file
isn't there, and it's certainly not trying to get the right file.
Watching communications between the two machines with ethereal yielded
no useful information.
What's going on here?

Adam Glasgall
Disobedience was Man's Original Virtue
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