[Samba] solaris/2.2.2 authentication against NT domain (ie. root canal)

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Thu Sep 26 18:54:00 GMT 2002

AMueller at YesVirginia.org wrote:
> Greetings,
> This is my first post (hopefully not too newbie for this group).  Thank you
> in advance to anyone who feels compelled to help.  I'm trying to get a copy
> of Samba 2.2.2 running on Solaris 9 to authenticate against an NT domain.  I
> have successfully done this on a Redhat 7.2 box which is running Samba 2.2.4
> on the same domain.  As best as I can tell, the configurations of these
> sambas seem the same but something must be wrong.  I can successfully add
> the box to the domain and access it fine using 'share' authentication but
> when I try to use 'domain' authentication, I get "Incorrect password or
> unknown username" and the following is generated in log.smbd....

You don't say, but I guess that you joined the domain with the 
smbpasswd command and used the -U option to specify the administrative
username. This did not work on big-endian machines for 2.2.2 (I don't 
recall what version it got fixed but I think it was 2.2.4) You need to
go to the Domain controller and remove the machine from the domain,
then add the machine again. Next run smbpasswd on the Unix box but
do not use the -U option.

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