[Samba] DNS server and printing.

Darin Bawden dbawden at teamdme.com
Mon Sep 23 17:41:43 GMT 2002

Good afternoon,
This is my first post, so please be gentle  ;)
Anyway, here's my question....I've recently put together a Linux Server for 
our company, replacing an old Novel server.  I have the box set up with 
Samba, as a PDC on our network.  So far, just about everything is working 
         One issue I'm coming up against, though, is printing from DOS.  I 
have Samba set up to print with LPRNG, using the client drivers (reason for 
that is it keeps the default settings for each user on their machine.  If 
there's a better way, than enlightenment would be great).  Anyway, the 
problem we are having is, when printing from DOS, it's spitting out the 
printer setup at the top of the first page and it's unformatted.  If need 
be, I can send the conf file for review (I'm not sure which sections to 
send).  Oh, and in case it hasn't shown yet, I've only been working with 
Linux for about 18 months now.
         Second question isn't a problem, it's more of idle curiosity.  We 
have a router set up at a 10.1.*.* address internally.  We used to have a 
Citrix box that was the DHCP server.  we've received our DNS servers from 
our provider, which I've plugged into the DHCP config file pointing out to 
the external world.  What, if any benefits, would I receive if I were to 
set up the Samba server to include DNS support?  But then again, is this 
even a question I should be asking here!  LOL

thanks in advance!

Darin Bawden
dbawden at teamdme.com

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