[Samba] Samba Log file format

Carl B. Constantine cconstan at csc.UVic.CA
Wed Sep 18 19:07:21 GMT 2002

* jra at dp.samba.org (jra at dp.samba.org) wrote:
> Look at the parameter lp_admin_log() and the calls to sys_adminlog().
> These should be expanded to be the kind of log you want. The Samba log
> files look like programmer info because they *are* programmer info.
> We need them when tracking down bugs.

That's fine if need programmer info, but it would be nicer to let the
admin set "debug" info when needed but otherwise be a more "readable"

are lp_admin_log and sys_adminlog params that can be set in the smb.conf
file? I don't see any docs on these anywhere.

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