[Samba] smbmount?

John Anderson janderson at ceeva.net
Wed Sep 18 14:31:00 GMT 2002

Thanks, that made it work.

Quick question, I am mounting a remote NT folder.   I tried passing username
and password in the smbmount command line, but it still asked fore a

I have 1 user on the remote end and about 12 users locally (logging into an
NT domain).  How do I setup the users so they can map the drive on the
Windows side.

For example, when I tried to map the drive, using my standard username /
pass windows came back and said "The network folder specified is currently
mapped using a different username and password.  The mapped network drive
could not be created because the following error has occurred:  The
credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials".  I tried
the user/pass for the remote nt system (the same I used to authenticate
with) and I got the same error.

Do I need to create a user (foo) on my server that matches the username /
password of the NT server on the remote side, and then map the usernames
everyone will sign in (locally) as to the remote user (foo) in the smbusers



Urban Widmark wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, John Anderson wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I installed Samba from source, and the smbmount utility didn't install
> > (atleast it's not where it's supposed to be.)  A find / -name smbm*
> > -print, turns up 2 C files (smbmount.c and smbmnt.c) in the source
> > directory.
> >
> > My question is, how can I configure / make just the smbmount programs?
> You need to ./configure --with-smbmount, and it only builds on linux.
> The recommended way to install is make install, but after make the files
> are in the bin directory and you could just copy them, any codepage
> definitions you need and set up a smb.conf.
> But just 'make install' ...
> /Urban

John Anderson
Ceeva, Inc.

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