[Samba] lookup master browsers on a different subnet

Wojciech Tadeusz Fedorko wojtek.fedorko at utoronto.ca
Mon Sep 16 21:12:00 GMT 2002

Is there a way to get a list of ips on a subnet different than I am on?
eg if I do:
08:22:05|fedorko|sorbara79:~|1> nmblookup -M -
querying __MSBROWSE__ on __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01>

I would like to do the same thing for a different subnet
thank you,

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