[Samba] smbclient fails

John Anderson janderson at ceeva.net
Mon Sep 16 19:24:01 GMT 2002


I've searched thru this list and saw other mentions of this, but no real
solid responses on how to fix it.

I've got a linux box (red hat 7.2) running Samba 2.2.5.  I've got 2 NICs
in the server, 1 to my internal network, and 1 to a PIX firewall/VPN
that connects to an office across the state.   The Linux box is the only
thing plugged into that PIX.  (I've verified everything works with both
of the PIX by hooking up a win98 machine, setting the WINS server and
browsing the shared folder.)

I'm trying to mount a share on the other end of that VPN (PIX)

Here is the error that I am getting:
/usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient //servername/sharename -s /etc/smb.conf
-R wins
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=

added interface ip= bcast=
wins_srv_died(): WINS server appears to be down.
Connection to servername failed

The 2nd IP ( is the NIC that is attached to the PIX that
has the shared folder.

I have the smb.conf setup pretty much standard, with the name resolve
order starting with wins and a wins server = setup to the wins server on
the other end of the PIX.

My questions
- I verified the WINS server is running, do I need to set a WINS server
value in my ifcfg-eth1 file?
- Is there another networking file I need to set a WINS server in?
- How can I make this work?



John Anderson
Ceeva, Inc.

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