[Samba] Extra sheet after printing a job

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First off: could you make your mail program send pure ASCII text messages to this
list please?


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 > At the end of a print job in my hp930c paralell printer in my
 > samba-server (Suse Linux 8.0), an extra (blank) sheet is ejected.=20

As you are not very specific with your problem description, you can
only be given an not very specific answer.

(Printing in UNIX/Linux/Samba has many different systems used, with
many versions possible  -- you should name them all, including the
driver/printer you use for the printer to get more specific answers
to printing questions...)

 > How can I correct this ??

Go to http://www.linuxprinting.org/ and read the docus there. If you're
using "Foomatic", see if downloading and installing the latest version
of "foomatic-gswrapper" helps. If you are also using CUPS as your print
subsystem, see if downloading and installing the latest "cupsomatic"
filter helps.

For further help, ask in one or the Linuxprinting.org newsgroups,
best in the "linuxprinting.general" or the "linuxprinting.hp" forum.
(I'm not "sending you away", as I am also often present in those

 > =20
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