[Samba] Add machine account

Ronald Roeleveld rmar at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 12 18:42:01 GMT 2002

Sorry everyone for asking this stupid question. I want add a system
account to my debian system. I did it on another machine a couple of
months ago and it worked fine with this command (I think).
Iam typing the command: adduser MACHINENAME$
but I keep on getting this error mssg:
adduser: Please enter a username consisting of a lower case letter
followed by lower case letters and numbers.  Use the `--force-badname'
option to allow underscores, and uppercase.

If I try it again with the --force-badname option, it does add it (I think),
but I still get an error message when typing:
smbpasswd -a -m MACHINENAME
and it gives me this error:
User MACHINENAME$ does not exist in system password file (usually
/etc/passwd). Cannot add account without a valid local system user.Failed to modify password entry for user MACHINENAME$

Could anyone help me out here?


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