[Samba] stubborn machine

Petr [Dingo] Dvorak dingo at texoma.net
Mon Sep 9 08:41:02 GMT 2002


i got this problem with stubborn win98 machine refusing to show up on the
browse list, my samba is the local/domain master browser and login server for
the whole local network, using user security.

the workstation has all the same protocols and settings like the other 6, only
difference is the ip and the netbios name, the login used on that machine
matches  existing username on my linux machine, the user has working access to
all the shares and can browse the rest of the workgroup with no problems, there
is 2 shares on that machine, both working if i directly type
\\machinename\sharename or just \\machinename then i can see all the shares

for the love of linux i can't figure out what i did/didn't do somewhere to make
the machine not show on the browse list, considering i never had any other
problem with samba at all.

any of you guys had this problem and know how to fix it ?



                                   ' '(>~<)' '
      Debian version 2.2.20, up 8:47, 6 users, load average: 0.00

Seriously, the way I did this was by using a special /sbin/loader binary
with debugging hooks that I made ("dd" is your friend: binary editors
are for wimps).
	-- Linus Torvalds, in an article on a dnserver

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