[Samba] (2.2.5) Does AUTO PRINTER DRIVERS work - definitive statement please

Fredrik Aminoff fredrik at island.liu.se
Tue Sep 3 22:15:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 jerry at samba.org wrote:

 > I am working on one issue where certain features are not available
 > to users even though they are set on the server (forms, duplex,
 > etc...)

What is the status of that issue?

We run Samba-2.6.0pre2 under Sol8-sparc with Windows 2000 SP2 clients 
and Lexmark printers. We use the autoprinter driver function and it 
works better now with 2.6.0pre2 than it did with 2.5.0. It crashes the 
clients spoolsv.exe ~ every 10th login. We have activated the Recovery 
function of the Print Spooler service under Win2k so it's not that a big 
of problem.
Every time a user logon to the domain, the logon script sets up the 
printers (connects to them) with the following command:

start /MIN rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /q /in /u 
/n\\dune\Lexmark-uppe /j"LanMan Print Services"

The real problem we have is that only root (administrator) can see (and 
set) the correct settings for the printer (Forms, duplex, memory etc.) 
but a regular user can only see the default printer driver settings (as 
set by the installationprogram for the drivers) and not change them and 
since they are wrong no user can do duplex printing right now.
It would be so nice to avoid installing the printers local on every 
client but that may be our only way out if this problem won't be fixed.

If any more information is needed to debug this I am willing to share 
configuration and everything. I am willing to try new code as well.

Fredrik Aminoff
System administrator
Linköping University

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