[Samba] samba security

Deepak deepakt at mercurykr.com
Tue Sep 3 10:58:00 GMT 2002

When i tried to access the directories from linux7.1 box(samba running)
then i'm able to

access the directories ,my option set in smb.conf as
   security = share
[share directory]
   public = yes  )

But when i enable the security option in samba with
   security = user
   encrypt password = yes
   smb password file = usr/bin/smbpasswd

when i tried to make connection with samba server then it ask for the
username and password

. i'm giving the username as userlogin which i created in the linuxbox
on which samba is

installed and the password for that user, but it says that incorrect
user name or password
since i made the smbpasswd file from /etc/passwd by using the
plz le me know where i'm wrong

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