[Samba] RedHat 7.2 + Samba - disturbing daemons

Slawek W to-slawek at wp.pl
Mon Sep 2 07:38:00 GMT 2002

hi, masters! 

i have installed RedHat 7.2 and Samba 2.2.5. 
i did everything step by step: ./configure , make , make 
install , etc... 

i cannot start 'smbd' and 'nmbd' daemons. i try to run them from 
the command line or from inetd and i get something like: 
"there is no such command" 

all Samba commands are in the same 
hierarchy /usr/local/samba/bin. 
i can run other Samba commands, for example 'testparm' 
and 'smbclient', but of course i cannot list available shares 
and whole Samba server doesn't work. 

what is the problem? where should i look for??? 

i had Mandrake 8.2 + Samba before,  and everything worked well. 

--- Slawek W 

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