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Frank Matthieß fm+samba at Microdata-POS.de
Thu Oct 31 14:30:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 08:35:54AM -0500, Anna Varlese wrote:
> I am having trouble starting my nmb.  I have tried to start it a
> number of times.  I tried via swat, using the shell, and it is set up
> to automatically start with smb.  It fails to shut down and start each
> time.  I'm very new at this, and don't have the trouble-shooting
> skills yet.

First you have to answer: 
	You want to start samba as daemon?
	If you plan to start it as daemon, make sure that in your
	/etc/inet.conf is _no_ line to startup smbd/nmbd!

Second to answer:

	Is there a already running wins server in your lan?
	The samba doc told, that if you run an nt/w2k server, you have to use
	_this_ wins service.

	The nmbd of samba is able to communicate with them. Your smb.conf should
	have this entry:
			wins server = ipadress_of_your_wins_server
	and everything should be ok.

	If your samba is the preferred  wins server, than you have to make
	this entries to your smb.conf:

			wins support = yes

Both options exclude the other one!

Take a look in BROWSING.TXT of your samba setup.

Frank Matthieß                                    fm+samba at Microdata-pos.de

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