[Samba] Older Mac to SAMBA copy

Matt Nelson matt at nelsonprinting.com
Wed Oct 30 22:40:15 GMT 2002

I did that, still no luck. Files just dissappear.  If I run netatalk, can 
the pc clients still work with the files as well?  I don't understand why a 
direct copy fails, and a copy VIA a windows workstation works.  That makes 
*no* sense.


At 03:44 PM 10/29/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I am not sure what the problem is but in the smb.conf file on the Samba 
>server the following lines should be set to
>preserve file name case for Macintosh applications:
>preserve case = yes
>short preserve case = yes
>I have run Samba servers on Solaris and Linux machines with no problems 
>connecting and transferring files to and fro from Mac OS 8.6, 9.2, and 
>10.1.5 all running Dave. You should run at least Dave 3.1.
>You can use netatalk. I have used it on Linux but you have configure that 
>in Samba when you compile if you want them to work together. Or you can 
>just use netatalk. I prefer Dave because it is actually easier to setup. 
>You are also not adding another protocol to worry about.
>Don Werder
>aettinger1984 at comcast.net
>>Subject: Re: [Samba] Older Mac to SAMBA copy
>>From: "Bradley W. Langhorst" <brad at langhorst.com>
>>To: Matt Nelson <matt at nelsonprinting.com>
>>Cc: samba at lists.samba.org
>>Date: 29 Oct 2002 11:53:23 -0500
>>On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 10:41, Matt Nelson wrote:
>>>I was planning to use (and that is what is installed now), DAVE by 
>>>Thursby inc.  That allows SMB usage on a Mac.  Its the file corruption 
>>>that is occurring on a mac to samba copy, that doesn't occur on a mac to 
>>>samba VIA windows 2k wkstn that has me stumped.
>>this is probably a bug in DAVE - i've had lots of problems with it
>>>Any ideas folks?  *pleading*
>>then listen to to the people who have told you this (including me)
>>Sorry to repeat myself but you don't seem to get it.  Unless I
>>misunderstand something about your situation samba is not the right
>>choice for your application.  You should be using netatalk.
>>really - not kidding - use netatalk
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