[Samba] [ns]mbd, sync'ing of disks, and hdparm

Elizabeth Barham soggytrousers at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 06:45:01 GMT 2002


I run a little router/firewall that also acts as a print server for
the linux and win98 clients on the LAN. I have the harddisk configured
so that if there is little activity, it spins down (hdparm -S 12

I added smbd/nmbd today and with the two services running, the hard
disk drive spins down but wakes up about every 12 minutes. Without the
services, only a major event causes them to wake-up (daily cron,
login, etc).

My goal is to keep the hdd in sleep mode as much as possible.

1) Why is [ns]mbd checking the drive?

2) How do I make it stop doing this and only turn the drives on for a
   mandatory event (such as reading a file that is not cached)?

I am only using the box as a printserver as far as samba is concerned.

Thank you,


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